Victor Salvo

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    The latest book, Wetland, is still being completed. But nevermind that for now.
    Lush, my view of plants in southwest Florida, is now available at
    You can now order Beaver Damage, the book about Tropical Storm Irene, a collaborative with the great writer Ken Hall from Weston, Vermont at
    It is about Vermont, about hitch hiking my way to visit friends and bearing witness to the Event of August 28th, 2011. About mangled trees and roads. But the bridges are being rebuilt and there is a great community spirit. I tell people about the difference between Vermont and Haiti - how it is clear that Vermont will thrive, while Haiti needs more nurturing. To read about Vermont from a master storyteller woodchuck, the one and only Quill Gordon, please check out and subscribe to his View from Fish in a Barrel Pond, at
    Tale of the Plastic Slipper about post-earthquake Haiti is for sale at 150 photographs from April 2011
    Portraits - start at $150. We meet, I photograph, you get a cd of the work.
    Weddings - First hour is $250. All other hours are $150. You get a cd of the work. There are excellent book making companies able to produce beautiful wedding albums. I am happy to assemble one with you.